How to Stay Motivated when Budgeting

If you are trying to stick to a specific budget, for any reason, then you can find that to start with it can be fairly easy. However, you may find that after a while it begins to feel rather tedious. The different things you have to do, such as always checking prices, spending as little as possible, looking for extra earning opportunities and things like this. It is important to make sure that you stay on track though and there are things that you can do to help. There are  few ideas below so think about whether to try some or all of them to help.

Have Your Goals Written Down

It is really important to write down your goals. This allows you to focus better on them and there is statistical evidence to show that if a goal us written down it is more likely to be achieved. However, as well as just writing down the goal it is important to write down why you want to achieve this and what you will get from it. For example, just writing down ‘stick to my budget’ is not as useful as ‘If I stick to my budget for 2 years, I will save enough money for a holiday in America’. Then you can see the reasoning and it reminds you of why you are doing it.

Look at the Twice Daily

It is good to go a bit further with this as well and look at the goal really frequently. Stick it up on the bathroom mirror or somewhere you look at the beginning and end of the day. Try to imagine what it will feel like when you actually achieve the goal. So, if you want a holiday, imagine getting on that plane and how exciting it will be and this will help your enthusiasm for sticking to your budget. This should spur you on each morning and make the decision making and cutting back that you may have to do that day feel a lot more worthwhile.

Treat Yourself Occasionally

It might be the case that you will feel the need for the occasional splurge. Think about this carefully and plan it. Do not just go out and buy something big but maybe plan a certain amount of spending each week or month and take time to decide what you would like to spend it on. You might be able to find  way to have a treat that does not cost any money as well and this could be even better, but this will obviously depend on what you like as a treat.

Tell Friends and Family

It can be wise to let people you know that you are on a tight budget. Just let them know that you are saving for a holiday or whatever and they will hopefully understand that you may not be able to pay out as much money a usual. Therefore, you may not be able to buy as many gifts, go out as often, entertain so much and generally not be as extravagant as perhaps you were previously. It might also be wise to tell work colleagues as you might need to stop going on work nights out, playing in the lottery syndicate, buying a round of coffees as you will have to bring in your own etc. It might feel a bit embarrassing to start with to tell people that you are trying to budget, but you will probably find that there are lots of people that also need to do it. They might think that it is a good idea and decide to do the same thing themselves.

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