Five Key Ways to Cut Spending

There are lots of different ways that we can reduce how much money that we are appending. However, there are some things that we tend to spend more money on and they can potentially save us a lot of money if we can pay less for them.


Insurance is something that most of us have for various things. I can be expensive though and it is worth considering whether it is worth hunting around for a new insurer to see whether you can save money. There are often cheaper insurers to be found, but you do need to be careful that you are getting the same service or the cover that you need, even though you are paying less. It is also worth checking to see whether you really need all of the insurance cover that you have. Some is required by law or by lenders but we may take out insurance that we do not really need and it is a good idea to investigate this and see whether we really need all that we have.


Many people do not realise that it can be possible to change lenders and save money. When we take out a loan, we will often choose the lender which looks to have the best rates. However, rates change and after a while, you may find that the loan you chose is no longer that cheap and in fact there may be loan that are significantly cheaper. It could therefore be the case that you should consider switching to this cheaper loan. However, you will need to make sure that you really will save money. Firstly, you may have a fee to pay to your lender if you switch, so check that out. You may also find that the repayments on the new loan are higher, so make sure that if this is the case that you can afford them as if you miss a repayment then you will be charged a fee and this could end up making the loan more expensive.


Utilities are things like gas, electric and water. With some of these it is possible for us to switch to a different provider. If we do this, it can make a significant difference to how much we have to pay. It is really simple to do it as well. However, you may want to find out a bit more about the provider and what their customer service is like before you swap. You should be able to do some research online to find this out though so it should not be too tricky. It can also be a good idea to think about whether there are any ways that you can reduce your usage so that you can save a bit more money.


Some of us spend a lot more on this than others. This can include going out to clubs, bars, theatres, concerts, music, videos, games and restaurants as well as entertaining people in your home. The cost of all of these can really add up and it can be worth considering how much you spend on these and whether you might be wise to cut down a bit. It might be that you do things a bit less often or that you consider finding cheaper alternatives so that you can still do as much but it will cost you less. Sometimes we can spend a lot more money than we realise and so it is a good idea to add it all up so that we know for sure and can decide whether to reduce it.

Food and Drink

We all have to buy food and drink but some of us are rather more extravagant than others. It is a good idea to have a think about what you are buying and whether you can cut down. There might be certain expensive items that we could cut back on or we might be able to cut down on lots of small things. It can be a good idea to examine your receipt in detail when you shop and you be able to identify which items are the most expensive. You may also be able to see if there are things that are not really necessary for you to buy.

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